Who is the Holy Spirit? (Living By)

Living by the Spirit means living dependent on Him and consistent with Him to the Glory of Jesus


  • Galatians 5:16,18,25; Romans 8:14
  • Willful, submitted, conscientious, cooperation with the Spirit to live like Christ
  • Living against our flesh, our temptations to sin, the world
  • First made alive by the Spirit at salvation, now, living by the Spirit from then on
  • Gym Membership:  Put it to use and go workout.  The membership gives you access to resources to get into better physical shape.  The Spirit in you is your membership in Christ, and, He – the Spirit – is the all-sufficient Resource to live in proper spiritual shape
  • Living depending on the Spirit and living consistent with the Spirit to the Glory of Jesus



  • 2 Corinthians 3:18; Romans 12:2; Jesus’ Transfiguration
  • Personal transformation of us as Christians to gradually, incrementally become increasingly similar to Jesus Christ
  • Christian Evolution:  we are evolving from a “worldly” species to a “holy” species as the Spirit changes us
  • This is our sanctified practice, not our sanctified position.  Our position is sanctified completely and permanently at salvation when we accept Christ.  God transfers us from one category to another: from condemnation to justification. Our status has changed even though our “living” is just beginning to.  From that moment on we begin to sanctify our speech, our conduct, our attitudes, our convictions, our thoughts. This is an ongoing process where we submit in humble cooperation to the Spirit.
  • Ironing clean clothes:  the clothes coming out of the dryer may be clean, but, to wear them they need to have the wrinkles ironed out.  We may be cleaned of our sins (position), but, our wrinkly living needs to be ironed out (practice)



  • Ephesians 4:30; Isaiah 63:10; 1 Samuel 20:3
  • Grieving = emotional pain, sorrow, grief, distress
  • Christians affect the Holy Spirit by their behavior:  sinful behavior that disrupts unity in the Body grieves the Spirit.  Hostility and division among Christians is a grievous thing that God does not want and does not bless.
  • We can expect that God’s blessings will be withheld if we carry on in disunity because of sin.
  • Our unity as Christians is to reflect the unity within the Trinity (John 17:20-23).  Harmonious relationships honor and glorify our God. But, our effectiveness in evangelism depends on our unity as well.
  • The tools to live in harmony are found available to us in the Word of God, and, the Spirit of God



  • 1 Thessalonians 5:19; Ephesians 6:16; Matthew 12:20
  • Quenching in the Greek means:  to put out, to snuff out, to extinguish
  • Fire = holiness and zeal
  • Christians and churches are to be lampstands burning brightly, letting their light shine, having been baptized with “fire” (the Holy Spirit) according to Luke 3:16 and Acts 1:4-6.
  • Not mere enthusiasm or excitement (Gal. 4:18).  But, a driven, compelling, conscious, whole-hearted loyalty and love for holy things.  A hatred for unholiness. Keep your lamp burning and Fan into flame the fire given you (2 Timothy 1:6; Mt 25:1-13).



  • Ephesians 5:18; Acts 2:4; 4:8; 4:31; 9:17; 13:9; Col. 1:9)
  • Filled means to be CONTROLLED BY and CHARACTERIZED BY the thing we are filled with
  • Filled with joy, evil, fruit of righteousness, rage, knowledge, wisdom, lust, greed, alcohol, etc.  
  • This is not getting more of the Spirit, but, the Spirit getting more of you.  It is not automatic, but, depends on your choice in the moments of your day to yield to the Spirits leading, to keep in step with Him, to walk with Him.  
  • When we are filled with the Spirit our lives correspond with the life of Christ


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