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  • Hello, Pastor Justin.
    Just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I enjoyed your service this morning
    at GH Comm Baptist church. Also enjoyed meeting you after church.
    As i mentioned when we met, I have an E Free background, and I have a question about
    the topic of baptism. I think I heard you say that you didn’t believe in child baptism, only adult.
    I do agree that a person has to have an understanding
    of what baptism means, but are you saying that an older child cannot, that only adults can?
    Can you please clarify that for me?
    Thank you.
    Sharon Black


    • Hello Sharon,

      Thank you for coming this morning. My thoughts should have been developed more, but I imagine they will be as we explore the possible merger more 🙂

      I believe an older child can be baptized. Young children and infants should not as I don’t think they adequately understand the Gospel. I treat older children like adults and spend time with them asking questions and making sure they understand before I agree to baptize them.

      Thank you for following up on this with me. Please feel free to ask any more questions you may have

      In Christ,


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