Who is the Holy Spirit? (Gifts, Pt 1)

It is not how we are blessed with our gift.  It is how we bless others.


  • Chapter 11 described shameful division in the church at Corinth
  • Chapter 12 describes the Gifts and the Body.  The Spirit gives gifts to all believers and all believers form the Body of Christ.  Paul was teaching the unity Christians have in Christ and the value all believers have.  Christians are to value each other.
  • Chapter 13 describes love.  Corinth was not loving one another.  Love is the proper motivation in exercising one’s gift.



  • Don’t be ignorant of the Gifts
  • False spirits lead to false worship of idols
  • The True Spirit of Christ leads to worship of and glorying of Christ
  • The Gifts of the Spirit, exercised by believers who love one another, will result in greater worship, praise and glory to Christ in the Church


THE SOURCE of the GIFTS (4-6, 11, 28)

  • There is ONE source for the gifts:  The Holy Spirit
  • Different gifts for different Christians (not all Christians have the same gifts)
  • All Christians are to have the same fruit (Gal. 5:22-23), but not the same gifts
  • The Holy Spirit develops His fruit in all of us, but, He alone determines the gifts each Christian receives


THE PURPOSE of the GIFTS (7; 1 Peter 4:10-11)

  • Two-Fold purpose:
    • FIRST, the EDIFICATION of believers (7)
    • SECOND, the EXALTATION of God (1 Peter 4:10-11)
  • Our gift is not for us to hoard.  It is given to us to use for the benefit of other believers.  Our focus is not to be on how we are blessed by our gift but how we are a blessing to others with it
  • Our own personal blessing derived from our own gift is contingent upon how much we use it for other’s sake.  “Better to give than receive”.  Its not about us!
  • Makes fellowship with other Christians necessary – not just recommended

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