Sixty Second Sermon: Legacy

Who will be your Noah?  Who will be a great man or woman of God in years to come because of you?

When we think of Noah things like the ark, the Flood and animals come to mind.  But have we ever looked at his heritage?  Noah left us a legacy, but, who left one for him?  Who gave him a spiritual inheritance that made him the man of God we know?  

Genesis 5 gives us Noah’s family history which is full of great men of faith.  His great-grandfather was Enoch, the man forever honored as someone who “walked with God” (5:24).  Then there was Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather, who lived longer than anyone else in history to the age of 969 years (5:26).  This list goes on.  

With this family Noah had the roots he needed to blossom in his faith.  No wonder he became “a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time” (6:9).  Instead of  joining in all the evil around him (6:5, 11-13), Noah emulated his forefathers and “walked with God” (6:9).  They had left him that kind of legacy.  

So again I ask you:  who will be your Noah?  Who are you leaving a spiritual inheritance for?  Who will be a great man or woman of God because of you?  If you have kids, leave them a legacy of faith in God.  If you don’t have kids, mentor someone in the faith and give them a legacy.  If no one left you a legacy, don’t be discouraged.  Instead take up the honor of being the first one in your line to hand down a legacy of faith.  


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