Twelve Steps To A Healthy Marriage

What does a biblically healthy marriage look like? How can husbands and wives have a God-centered union? Whether you’ve been married a long time or short time, or hope to be married someday, this class is for you. Dennis Snyder will be teaching for about 6-8 weeks. Join us on Sundays at 10am beginning March 5th

God has given us many principles in His Word so that we can maintain a godly relationship with our spouse. In this class we will take a closer look at these principles and attempt to flesh them out for better understanding and application in the second most important relationship we will ever have. The first, of course, is our relationship with our Holy God.

  1. God Must Be First and Foremost In All Things
  2. Leave Father and Mother and Cleave to One Another
  3. Proper Communication Is An Absolute Must
  4. Admit Fault and Humbly Apologize
  5. Trust Is Key to a Happy Marriage Relationship
  6. Let Go of the Past
  7. Do not read between the lines
  8. Co-Parent
  9. Spend Quality Time With One Another
  10. Sexual Intimacy Is a Mutual Obligation
  11. Get Godly Counsel When You Need It
  12. Stand Alongside Each Other Through Thick and Thin