Social Justice

Before ascending to heaven the resurrected Jesus charged His Apostles with a mission. In His absence, they were to bring the Gospel to the world and teach converts to obey His commands1. Since the day the Holy Spirit first stormed the Apostles’ prayer meeting 2 the Gospel has gone forth and taken the world by storm. This is what has historically been known as “The Great Commission”.

These days, however, the Church is facing the possibility of being “recommissioned”. A social justice ideology has found a home in the Church and threatens to fundamentally change it from the inside-out. At first glance the social justice idea seems compatible with Christianity – even a necessary outworking of it. However, looking more closely3 reveals this ideology seriously undermines “the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints”4

Join us as we explore questions such as: What is social justice? What are the origins of social justice? In what ways do we see it around us today? If Christians should be devoted to good works how is social justice any different? How does it conflict with our faith and practice as Christians? Ultimately, where will social justice lead us?


What Is Social Justice?

The Roots Of Social Justice

Marx Marches On

The Father Of The Social Gospel

Examining Critical Race Theory


Session 1: What Is Social Justice & Why Are We Having This Class?

Session 2: Karl Marx

Session 3: The Frankfurt School & Walter Rauschenbusch

Session 4: The New Left, Liberation Theology & Black Liberation Theology


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