Israel: God’s Chosen

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Israel is perhaps the most hated and the most loved people in human history.  Satan and other nations have despised Israel from the moment it was born.  Yet God maintains a special and undying love towards His covenant people. 

With the breakout of war against Hamas the nation is once again front and center on the world stage.  Everywhere the talk is about Israel. Does Israel have a right to defend itself? Or even exist? Is the nation really just oppressive “occupiers?” Is Israel at fault for the conflict? Why does Israel use such unprecedented morality in military engagements? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?    

And the talk of Israel is perhaps even more active within the Church.  Does this war mean the Rapture is close at hand?  Is the war somehow fulfillment of prophecies?  What does 1948 mean? Or, is the Church the new Israel?  Are the OT promises to the nation now applied to the NT Church?  Has God permanently cast aside the descendents of Abraham?  Since they rejected Christ, has God done away with them? How are we to understand the Abrahamic, Mosaic and New covenants as they relate to Israel? What do we do with the words of the prophets promising the nation a glorious future? Where did Israel come from historically? Why were they important to God in the first place? Are they still important to Him? How should Christians view the Jewish people?

Indeed, the current war has brought a lot of attention to the topic of Israel.  This new study is going to explore what the Bible tells us about their past, their present, and their future.  

At EFC we understand from the Scriptures (and teach) that God’s promises to the Jewish people will come true for them in the future.  The Church has not replaced Israel and has not supplanted them as the heirs of the national promises.  Indeed, it will be the physical descendents of Israel – the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – who will repent and be restored at the coming of Christ.  Furthermore, they will be exalted in the Millennial Kingdom when Christ rules on the Davidic throne, and then the full blessings promised in the biblical covenants will be realized throughout the world. 

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CLASS 1: Introduction & Abrahamic Covenant

CLASS 2: The Mosaic Covenant

CLASS #3: The New Covenant

CLASS #4: The New Covenant (cont.)

CLASS #5: The Davidic Covenant

CLASS #6: The New Covenant (cont.)

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