Gospel of Mark

The Gospels are the historical records of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazarath.  Join us as we embark on an in-depth study of Mark’s account of Jesus.  This fast-paced, action-packed narrative will take us through the confusion over who Jesus was, the divinely-powered miracles He performed, the parables that mystified His listeners and the private dialogues with His disciples.  Mark gives us front-row seats in Jesus’ encounters with religious leaders, demons, seekers and the hurting.  Mark will challenge your views of Christ and not allow you to look lowly towards Him.  In seeing the Servant of the Lord you will be forced to examine your own service to Him.  In the end Mark’s purpose is for you to call on Christ for your own salvation and to live for Him at all costs.

The Forerunner of Jesus (1:1-5)

The Baptism of Jesus (1:6-11)

The Testing of Jesus (1:12-13)

The Preaching of Jesus (1:14-15)

The Call of Jesus (1:16-20)

The Power of Jesus’ Preaching (1:21-22)

The Power of Jesus Over Demons & Disease (1:23-39)

Jesus & The Leper (1:40-45)

Jesus’ Authority To Forgive (2:1-12)

Fellowship With Jesus, Part 1 (2:13-14)

Fellowship With Jesus, Part 2 (2:15-20)

Freedom With Jesus (2:21-28)

So Hated & So Loved (3:1-12)

The Twelve Apostles, Part 1 (3:13-15)

The Twelve Apostles, Part 2 (3:16-19)

Family (3:20-21 and 31-35)

The Unforgivable Sin (3:22-30)

The Seed & The Soil (4:1-20)

Ears To Hear (4:21-25)

The Kingdom Of God Is Like (4:26-34)

The Other Side (4:35-41)

I Am Legion (5:1-20)

Our Faith & Jesus’ Power (5:21-43)

No More Home (6:1-6a)

Freshman Apostles (6:6b-13)

Beheading The Baptist (6:14-29)

A Feast Only God Can Give (6:30-44)

Walking On Water (6:45-52)

Dirty Hands Or Dirty Hearts? (7:1-23)

A Feast Of Crumbs (7:24-37)

The Bread Of Understanding (8:1-21)

I See (8:22-33)

The Terms (8:34-38)

A Glorious View (9:1-13)

Deliverance (9:14-29)

Three Rules For The Disciple (9:30-41)

Suppressing Sin (9:42-51)

Exalting Marriage, Part 1 (10:1-5)

Exalting Marriage, Part 2 (10:6-12)

Blessing The Children (10:13-16)

The Wealth Of Hell & The Poverty Of Heaven (10:17-31)

The Servant (10:32-45)

The King Is Coming (11:1-11)

Cleaning House (11:12-26)

Mountain Movers (11:20-26)

By Whose Authority? (11:27-33)

In The Vineyard (12:1-12)

Gotcha! (12:13-17)

Religious & Wrong (12:18-27)

What God Wants Most, Part 1 (12:28-30)

What God Wants Most, Part 2 (12:28-34)

David’s Son, David’s Lord (12:35-37)

Pride & Punishment (12:38-40)

When The Poor Give More (12:41-44)

The End Times, Part 1 (13:1-5)

The End Times, Part 2 (13:6-23)

The End Times, Part 3 (13:24-37)

Worship Like A Woman (14:1-11)

The Passover (14:12-16)

The Bread Of Betrayal (14:17-21)

The First Communion (14:22-25)

Before The Rooster Crows (14:26-31)

Pray Like Jesus (14:32-42)

The Kiss (14:43-52)

The Glorious Confession (14:53-65)

When The Rooster Crows (14:66-72)

The King Condemned (15:1-15)

The King Crucified (15:16-32)

The King’s Death (15:33-41)

The King’s Burial (15:42-47)

The Resurrection (16:1-8)

Go! Part 1 (16:9-18)

Go! Part 2 (16:19-20)