God & Science

Does science prove the Bible wrong?  

Has the theory of evolution put belief in the Bible on the path to extinction?  Do we no longer need to take seriously claims the Bible makes regarding our origins and the world around us?  What does science really say about the Bible’s account of creation?

God & Science is a free weekend seminar exploring the relationship between science and the Bible.  We welcome Bruce Malone from Search for the Truth ministries to come and speak on these significant issues (www.searchforthetruth.net).  So whether you are an atheist, a Christian, or just curious, come join us Saturday January 19th and Sunday January 20th.  We will be meeting both nights at Grand Haven Community Baptist Church.



  • 5pm – Dinner (All welcome, bring an appetite)
  • 6pmMedia Madness – How Evolution is Promoted in Movies (Part 1)A look at how 60 years of movies have influenced our culture to reject Biblical truth in the area of creation.
  • 7pmMedia Madness – How Evolution is Promoted in Movies (Part 2)
  • 8pmQ&A



  • 9am – Coffee
  • 9:30amThe Complexity of LifeHow the design of biological life makes the truth of God’s existence obvious to everyone.
  • 10:30amHow God is using the Evidence for Creation to reach entire Nations with the Gospel