Get on track with TRACK!

Track is a discipleship course for the motivated Christian who is ready to improve their walk with Jesus Christ beyond Sunday Services.  Your theology, personal character, and Christian discipline will all be strengthened in our Track program. As a pathway to spiritual improvement and maturity Track aims not just for your head, but, also for your heart and your hands.  We go beyond the classroom and take you to your Bible, to the streets, to your knees, and to the mirror to make you more into the image of Christ.


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What can I expect in this class?

Attending weekly classes, completing worksheets at home, writing one-page papers for each week’s topic, memorizing weekly Scripture verses, keeping a prayer list and bringing it to class, at least one Saturday evening downtown evangelism.

D1. Bible

D1. God

D1. Father

D1. Jesus Christ

D1. Holy Spirit

D2 Salvation

D2 Church


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