So You May Know

Is it true what they say:  once saved always saved?  Or, can I lose my salvation? 

Are there any sins that will make me lose my salvation?  What about someone who says they used to be a Christian but then quit believing?  If I am saved, then why do I still sin?   Does it matter if I believe one way or the other?  If I am saved, how can I know it?

If you’ve ever thought about these questions you will want to join us each Sunday at 10am for Adult Bible Study.  While many good believers disagree, at EFC we believe the Scriptures teach that once a person receives salvation they can never lose it.

We will take time to explore and understand both sides of the issue and explain why in the end we are convinced a believer’s salvation is secure.  Through our time we will come across wondrous doctrines that shed light on this very important question of salvation’s security.  Be ready to learn about Substitution, Imputation, Justification, Identification, Sanctification, Regeneration, the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the Advocacy and Intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Power and Promises of God, the Grace of God and so much more.

In the end we hope questions are answered, doubts are washed away, and a new liberty is discovered to live towards God in Christ Jesus.  Be sure to join us each Sunday at 10am.

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”  -1 John 5:13


-Pastor Justin



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