Membership Class

Every Sunday at 10am starting April 15th.

Should I become a member of a local church?  What’s the difference between being an attender and a member?  What does membership at Emmanuel Free Church look like?  Those questions and many more will be covered in a Membership Class beginning on April 22nd.  Whether you’re already a member or curious join us in Adult Bible Study each Sunday at 10am.  Class will run for approximately 6-8 weeks.

The 3-step process for becoming a member is:

  1. Attend Membership Class
  2. Meet with Pastor and Deacons
  3. Congregational Vote

(Below are notes from each session).

Class 1 (notes)

Class 1 – Part 1 (video)

Class 1 – Part 2 (video)

Class 2 (notes)

Class 2 – Part 1 (video)

Class 2 – Part 2 (video)

Class 3 (notes)

Class 4 (notes)

Class 4 – Part 1 (video)

Class 4 – Part 2 (video)

Class 5 (notes)

Class 5 -Part 1 (video)

Class 5 – Part 2 (video)


Class 7 (notes)