Making Life Disciples

Abortion & The Gospel

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  -John 10:10


  • Six week training course
  • Sunday nights from 6pm to 8pm
  • Beginning February 16th

Do You Know:

  • 70% of women who choose abortion self-identify as Christian?
  • 1 in 3 post-abortive women attended church regularly at the time of their abortion?
  • Half the post-abortive women believe the church is not prepared to help and that God will not forgive them?
  • 40% of chuched post-abortive women continue to attend weekly and over half never reveal their abortion story?
  • The pornography industry targets 11 year olds?
  • 60% of students watch port to learn about sex and to fill in the gaps of their sex education?
  • More than 90% of 8 to 16-year olds have consumed porn intentionally or unintentionally?
  • 1 in 3 of those addicted to porn are female?


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Life is inundated with sexual messaging, 50% of pregnancies in Michigan are unplanned, and many youth are practicing unhealthy sexuality. It is easy to look at the secular segment of society, yet statistics, as seen on the left, show us that we, the Church, are the same. We are not without stain or wrinkle and many walk with festering wounds in silence, fearing judgement and condemnation should anyone find out. This is particularly true when it comes to abortion and unplanned pregnancies within the Church.

Abortion and the Gospel invites the local faith community to join Lakeshore Pregnancy Center/ BestLife in a conversation about how we can pastor the issue of abortion through a discipleship lens rather than a political one. Let’s talk about how we can best create a safe place for disclosure, healing, and deeper discipleship for those who have been touched by abortion and those making unplanned pregnancy decisions. The transformational power of the Gospel to effect culture is mighty; united we can use it much more effectively toward experiencing the abundant life Christ came to give us. Our focus is to serve you, Christ’s Bride, through education, partnership, and resources. Please join the conversation focusing on strengthening the body, healing our wounded, building healthy families, and engaging our youth toward relational and sexual purity so that as a body we live holy, blameless, and abundant lives, becoming Christ’s radiant bride.  Together, let’s make life disciples who will then make life disciples.