You will be my witnesses. – Jesus Christ

With eight million people and an average annual income of $400 Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Instead of running water and electricity most people have poor sanitation, disease, and hunger.

On March 18th, three people from EFC (Jason Locke, Al & Rama Jensen), will be part of an eight-person team heading to Ile a Vache to work with Grace School and Orphanage. For one week they will be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, building a chicken coop, making needed building repairs and producing child profiles for sponsorship.

Costs include:

  • translators
  • tools that will be brought down and left there
  • fuel for travel while there
  • Suitcases that will contain tools/supplies to be left down there
  • Possible unexpected “taxes” required to get through customs
  • Medicine
  • clothing
  • cook wages
  • food costs
  • and more!

Here are 3 ways to help:

  1. Donate at their Go Fund Me page.
  2. Donate your POP CANS. Drop them off on March 9th between 12pm and 3pm at the church. (Or, if that time doesn’t work just leave them at the church door anytime)
  3. Buy goodies at the Bake Sale. Also on the 9th