Good. Better. Best.

We have a great ministry on Sundays at 10am in our Adult Bible Study (ABS).  The goal of ABS is to help establish you more firmly in your knowledge of God’s Word and your pursuit of righteousness.  Depending on how engaged with the class you want to be, we offer a “Good, Better, Best” paradigm.  You choose how engaged you want to be. There is no right or wrong.  Our logic is that the more engaged you are the more you get out of the class.  Here are the 3 levels:

Good:  Attend each week.  Just being in class listening and joining discussion is going to be very good for you.

Better:  Attendance and Readings.  Take your engagement to the next level with “Better” and after class read what is picked for that week.  Readings will include both Scripture and any articles relevant to the subject we studied in class.  (For instance, if we studied “Who is Jesus?” in class then Hebrews 1 and an online article might be selected for readings).

Best:  Attendance, Readings, and 3 Questions.  The best engagement and the one to surely give you the most out of Sunday mornings is this one.  Attend each week, read the Readings, and, answer the 3 questions given.  These are not for points and they are not going to be turned in.  They are for your personal development.  (For instance, if we studied “Who is Jesus?” a question to answer that week may be:  “Did Jesus ever begin to exist?  How do you know your answer?”)

Again, this is personal for everyone who comes to ABS at 10am on Sundays.  There’s no signup, no requirement to formally choose one approach, no “commitment” to stay with one approach, and no “accountability”.  These are just some extra ways to take the lessons on Sunday morning further in the week.