Evangelism Class

How To Share The Gospel

A new class on evangelism begins this Sunday at 10am. Expect very practical instruction for sharing your faith. What you learn you can use on the street, at work and with family and friends. Areas covered include practicing a Gospel script, expected objections with helpful responses, how to handle hostility, and the right attitudes in witnessing.

Join us May 21st and 28th at 10am.

If you are at EFC for very long you will notice our emphasis on evangelism.  We are very intentional about going out into our own community for the specific reason of telling people the Gospel of salvation.  Each summer we plan outings at various events.  This year we will be at the Pride festivals in Muskegon (6/3) and Grand Haven (6/10), Muskegon Bike Time (7/22) and Coast Guard Festival (8/6).  Our motivation comes from the command of Jesus to go out and preach the Gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15).  It also comes from a burden we feel that people are on their way to hell and need to hear about salvation in Jesus (Romans 9:1-4; 10:1; Ezk 18:31-32).  We are learning not to let fear of man deter us and instead let the fear of the Lord compel us.  We are also not letting “no results” deter us, but instead we are trusting God’s word does not return void.  Evangelism is something you hear bleeding through in everything at EFC – our prayers, our preaching, our plans and activities.  We want a culture of evangelism here.  We want to stir up in each of you a burden for the lost in your own life so you begin praying for them and start trying to talk to them about salvation.  We also want you to have a burden for the lost masses all around us so you will join us for our outings.  Do it first for the sake of those lost souls out there.  But do it also so you can experience what it does to your own faith.  The two things that will make you feel like you’re in the book of Acts are persecution and evangelism.  And it is those two things that will make your faith come alive in ways like nothing else.  We don’t go looking for persecution, but we do go looking for evangelism.

Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash