Follow Christ.

At Emmanuel Free Church we believe discipleship is what the Christian life is all about. As a local church we know we are commanded by Jesus Christ to “Go, therefore and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19).  The word “disciple” means “learner” or “follower”, so essentially a disciple is someone who learns and follows the teachings of someone else.  At EFC we continue learning how to better obey Jesus Christ’s commands and live for His glory.


Sunday Service

Let us not give up meeting together…” (Hebrews 10:25a).  Sunday morning fellowship is the foundation of discipleship.  Committed disciples are committed to Sunday mornings.  It is the Table Black n Whitecore context where the essentials of Christian fellowship occur:   preaching God’s Word, prayer, the Lord’s Table, singing to God, togetherness, and more.  Establish your foundation of discipleship by establishing your commitment to Sunday mornings.



Understanding that nothing happens for God’s glory if it is not done prayerfully we at EFC pray.  Men’s pre-service prayer each Sunday currently occurs at 9:45am in the pastor’s office .  Each Wednesday morning at 10am a faithful group gathers to pray in the church.  Every 3rd Sunday of the month we set aside time in the morning service to pray corporately.  Prayer Pals is about to begin, and, we encourage a culture of prayer where rather than promising to pray for someone we pause then and there to pray with them.  If we must do one thing and one thing only, let us pray!  You are welcome to join us in any of these ways to pray.


Adult Bible Study

Second Timothy 2:15 says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”  Take learning God’s Word to the next level with Adult Bible Study.  At 10Marker Board Redemptionam every Sunday morning (summers off) Pastor Justin utilizes all 30 feet of his whiteboards to teach on interesting topics related to Christian living, theology, apologetics, hermenuetics, current issues and more.  With Biblically rich teaching and robust group discussion you don’t want to miss Adult Bible Study.  Join us every Sunday at 10am (except during summers).


Men’s Ministry

Men make or break a church.  At EFC the men are a priority and we strive that every man be for Christ.  Individual men meet weekly with Pastor Justin for one-on-one Bible study and mentoring.  Then, about every four to six weeks we gather at someone’s home for fun, food, prayer, and in-depth Bible study.  Watch the calendar for the next date.  Also, each Sunday morning the men gather in the Pastor’s office to pray for the worship service (currently at 9:45am).


Women’s Ministry

The ladies of EFC have recently launched their own special meetings.  They also meet in each other’s homes for connecting, prayer and Bible study.  Keep an eye on the calendar and join them next time!



SS roomTrack is a comprehensive discipleship course for the motivated Christian who is ready to improve their walk with Jesus Christ beyond Sunday Services.  The course grounds you in theology, personal character, evangelism, prayer, and other important faith disciplines.