Experience EFC

Looking for a home church?  

It’s hard when you’re “in-between”.  Here are 10 suggestions for how to experience EFC:
1.  Look the website over.  Read the blog, check out what’s coming up, etc.

2.  Read or listen to a sermon.

3.  Scan our doctrinal statement.  Try to discover what we believe about things like spiritual gifts, the details of Jesus Christ’s return, baptism, eternal security and more.

4.  Visit a Sunday Service.  Fellowship is always best live.

5.  Visit Adult Bible Study.  There are always great classes happening from “How to Study the Bible” to “Key Biblical Covenants” to “Reviewing the Rapture” and lots more.

6.  Get to know some names of people. See if you can spot the different characters in a church:  quiet, chatty, friendly, critical, cheerful, hectic, helpful…  You truly won’t meet a more friendly and big-hearted bunch.

7.  Meet up with someone from EFC. Go over for dinner, have coffee, etc.

8.  Meet with Pastor Justin and ask questions.

9.  Join in an outreach event.

10.  Check out the Discipleship resources.