A church’s culture is felt from the moment you walk in the door.  In some churches people feel like a number, or, like no one notices them.  Not at EFC.  Here you’ll find we’re a friendly and diverse group coming from all sorts of backgrounds.  Yet, because of Jesus Christ we are brought together in a powerful unity.  It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, we want to help you go forward with Jesus (Php. 3:12-14).

ThisisgraceWhile we would be described as casual we strive for reverence.  On Sundays we encourage a balance between “come as you are” and courtesy in clothing.  Our music emphasizes sound theology to exalt God’s truth while pulling from the better selections of classic and contemporary songs.

We’re not programs driven, but, at EFC people love to help each other.  Needs are usually met with spontaneous, heartfelt service.  That is a reflection of the genuine relationships that people can and do develop here.    

 Above everything else, though, we seek to glorify God and grow in our understanding of Him.  This is why we hold up His Word in high esteem.  EFC’s preaching and teaching is not issues driven or 3-steps to a healthier you.  (Of course, many times they are 3-point sermons covering lots of issues and helping you be a healthier Christian).  Preaching is built on an in-depth exposition of the Word and tenaciously proclaims Jesus Christ the Savior and all His magnificence (“We preach Christ and Him crucified”).  So, if you want to go deeper into the Scriptures and further with God we want to help you do that.  Or, maybe you’re not there yet and you’re searching for God.  If so, let us help you discover the wonderful love and grace available in our Savior Jesus Christ.

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